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RMI-25 | Beating the Competition Head On!

Engine Heat

Inhibitors type products sold by the would-be competition do nothing to promote a cooler running engine. They are designed strictly to inhibit only certain types of corrosion. Because they contain dissolved solids, they may actually cause your engine to run hotter.

The unique cleaning properties of RMI-25 will often cause a noticeable drop in operating temperatures (usually observed from four to six degrees).


Other products are designed to work only on clean systems. Read their product literature and you will find that they require you to use a cleaner in "dirty" engine, meaning one that has already been in service.

RMI-25 is a cleaner as well as a corrosion inhibitor and will work as a effectively in a "dirty" system as it will in a new engine. RMI-25 cleans while your engine operates, meaning NO DOWNTIME. A clean system is vital to the performance of any inhibitor, including anti-freeze.


Many products claim to be a water pump lubricant, however, they are often found to be the cause of premature water pump failure. The additives in other products can crystallize and act as an abrasive on the seals and O-rings.

RMI-25 does not crystallize. RMI-25 has proven to be an excellent lubricant in the cooling system.


Most other products contain chemicals that are hazardous tou you and the environment and require special handling.

RMI-25 is safe. It contains no hazardous chemicals and requires no special handling procedures. It is an environmentally friendly product.

Return on Investment

RMI-25 is a typically more cost effective solution than other products based upon gallons of water treated. RMI-25 is an all-in-one cooling system solution that requires no additional products. Other products require you to purchase a separate cleaner.

RMI-25 treats both gasoline and diesel, light or heavy duty engines. other products are often NOT recommended for use in light duty engines that contain high silicate antifreeze.

RMI-25 does not require the use, and additional expense, of a precharged or conditioned filter.

RMI-25 is compatable with all types of antifreeze, including high and low silicate types of antifreeze.